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Our summer swim team, the Tucson Aquabears runs for 9 weeks from. to and includes 3 practices per week and 4-6 meets.
We also offer a 5-week pre-season starting

Preseason and Full Season (13 weeks) is $. (includes entry into all the Summer swim meets, a Team Swim Cap, a Team T-Shirt), and scheduled practices for 3 months
Summer Season (8 weeks) is $includes entry into all the Summer swim meets, a Team Swim Cap, a Team T-Shirt), and scheduled practices for 2 months

*Practice Schedule: *






MWF. 7:30-8:30AM (12-18yrs).

MWF 10:00-11:00AM (5-8 yrs).

MWF 11:00-12:00PM (8-11 yrs).

Registration and Evaluations:

Email or call us (520 820 3233) to schedule an evaluation (for group placement) or just to by come and check out our pool and facility. Registration is ongoing throughout the summer but space is limited.

As a lifelong aquatic professional myself, I can whole-heartedly attest to the amazing coach that Justin is. Over the years I have taken my own children to a variety of swim programs offered around Tucson and had yet to find one that met my coaching standards AND that my kids enjoyed. Coach Justin exceeded my expectations. In just a few short weeks he took my son from swim lessons to swimming laps with the team. I have seen the inner workings of many aquatic facilities over the years. Coach Justin is everything you want in a coach. He is firm, but kind. Strict, but caring. Professional, yet personable. He is extremely knowledgeable, not just about stroke technique, but also about how to explain the strokes to very young swimmers. Other programs teach a very basic idea of strokes and leave the fine tuning up to future coaches. Not Coach Justin. He teaches the fundamentals from the very beginning and uses proper swim terminology. The levels of his team build on each other very nicely. By the time most swimmers are out of the 8 and under age group, they have solid knowledge of all four strokes. So lucky to have found this program.


The meet schedule for 2021/2022 has been posted. SEE ORANGE TOOLBAR ABOVE.

The fall practice schedule for the Aquabear Swim Club is now posted both below and on the TEAM CALENDAR.

CUB GROUP I T/TH 4:00-4:30pm and Sat 8:00-8:30am

CUB GROUP II M/W 4:00-4:30pm and Sat 8:30-9:00am

KOALA GROUP MWF 4:30-5:10pm. Sat 9:00-9:40am

PANDA GROUP MW 5:10-6:00pm. TTH 4:30-5:20pm and Sat 9:40-10:30am

GRIZZLIE GROUP MW 6:00-7:20pm and TTH 5:20-6:40pm. Fri 5:10-6:30PM

SENIOR GROUP M/T/W/Th/F 5:45-7:45am **Afternoon/Evening “Doubles” practices will be scheduled as needed


PRO TRI GROUP: M-F 8:30-10:00AM

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Highly Recommend

Posted by Aquabear Swim Club at Jul 15, 2020 3:20PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

It has been a life changing experience having our boys on this swim team. Coach Justin is far and away the most skilled coach there is in Arizona. He is kind, understanding of children and their variety of needs, and a fantastic communicator. Not only is he developing strong athletes, he builds confidence and character. He also has the ability to train his coaches and they too are among the greatest. Any coach you get at Aquabear Swim Club is going to give you a great experience. Highly Recommend!